How do I apply LipSense?

1: Make sure your lips are clean and dry

2: Shake LipSense color vigorously

3: Apply 3 thin layers of LipSense color starting from one corner of your lip in one direction (do not swipe back and forth). Let each layer dry up to 30 seconds before starting another layer.

4. Keep your lips apart and spread wide to make sure color gets into all crevices. Keep your mouth open until the last layer has dried and apply the LipSense gloss of your choice. You can now rub your lips together.

Why does LipSense make my lips tingle?

Some people will feel a cool tingle while applying LipSense. What you are feeling is simply the SD40 alcohol in LipSense evaporating from your lips. As soon as you apply the gloss the tingle will subside. As your lips heal from any previous cracking and chapping this feeling will go away altogether. 

How long will LipSense last?

The length of time the color will last on anyone varies depending on several factors, one of which is body chemistry. Most women will find the color will last all day.

Pro tip: Keep glossing throughout the day for best results!

Can I combine colors?

Yes! Go hard or go home, girl! We here at LipFlair think 3 layers actually means 3 color combo! 3 tubes will give you 27 different shades. Go nuts!

Will LipSense dry out my lips?

Have you ever worn chapstick? How about lipstick? Well, most other products you have worn are made with lead and wax. When you make the switch to LipSense there is sometimes (not always) an exfoliation process. Why? Because LipSense is lead and wax free and needs to have a clean surface so it can bond with your lips! It will slowly break up dead skin and years of build up from those other products. This is a good thing and means LipSense is working its magic. Our glosses are made of Vitamin E and Shea Butter. Live off of them! Gloss even without wearing LipSense. The gloss will heal your lips.

Why is my color not lasting?

Make sure you are shaking your tubes for at least 30 seconds. The color is in the particles so the tube must be shaken to evenly distribute the color. Make sure your layers are thin. If you notice a color not lasting as long as others try doing thinner layers. Also, allow for more drying time in-between layers. If you are still within the exfoliation process time frame then just be patient and once you are past that your color will last much longer.

Can I use my own gloss?

In order for your color to last and not start to fade or peel you must use one of our glosses as other products contain wax and lead which will start to breakdown your color. 

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