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Work from home

As a Senegence distributor you alone decide the hours you work and set your own goals. The sky is the limit when you are the boss!

Key to Success

When you join the LipFlair team we give you the coaching and tools necessary to be successful.  We ensure you feel love and support as you grow your business.

Target audience

Start with who you know. Family and friends will be your first customers. Once you get the ball rolling you will be elated at how the business organically grows. 


LipFair will be there every step of the way to help you formulate successful  campaigns.  From social media to LipSense parties and everything in-between,  we’ve got your back. 


Senegence Growth 2017


Monthy Minimum


Product Discounts Up To

Opportunities in life

  • Percentage of American woman that have heard of LipSense 63%
  • Percentage of American woman that have tried LipSense 17%

LipSense Poll Results

Studies show that most americans have heard of LipSense but have not tried the product.  This presents great growth opportunities for distributors getting in on the ground floor.  LipFlair invites you along for the ride!

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How much does it cost to become a distributor?

Only $55.00!

What do I get for becoming a distributor?
  • Direct access to the SeneGence back office. This includes:
    • The ability to purchase products at manfacture pricing
    • Marketing matierials
    • Training packet shipped to you
What products should I focus on to get started?

We will help you identify your market and define what products you need.

What are my profit margins?

This is defined by how much product you purchase monthly. 

  1. $0 – $99 = 20% 
  2. $100 – $299 = 30%
  3. $300 – $749 = 40%
  4. $750+ = 50% Profit Margin!
I have heard products are sold out. Will I be able to get product?

Here at LipFlair we have mastered the process of acquiring product.  We will show you the tricks to the trade and give you the tools necessary to succeed.

Why should I join the LipFlair team?

Your success is our success! We will be there every step of the way as you build your empire. Unlike other distributors selling SeneGence products is our full time job. We have mastered every facet of the industry from technology to parties and everything in between. 

How do commissions work?

When you sign up a distributor, you become their Sponsor.  

Once  you have a distributor signed up under you, they are placed on your 1st line. If that distributor signed up another person, that new person would be your 2nd line, and so forth and so on. You are allowed up to 5 lines of distributors, but each line is never capped, so you could have thousands of people in your down-line, as long as it keeps growing!

For each line, you get two different types of Commission: Downline Commission & Group Sales Volume Bonus (which is where you’ll make the most money.)

You get a different percentage of each person’s orders from SeneGence. This money comes to you in a check once a month!

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